"When you become my client, I feel that your skin and wellbeing become my responsibility. You are different from the next client in every way from looks to personality to skin color, type and condition; unique, in one word. Generic skin treatments may not be what you want or need for your skin and here at the spa, I don’t do generic."

"I will speak withyou, listen to your needs, assess your skin, educate you about your skin condition(s) and then customize and tailor your treatments to achieve your desired results. In one treatment, for example, your forehead may not get the same treatment as your chin."

"With customized and/or combination treatments, I cater to each person differently but always with care."

"I believe that the more you know about your condition the better success we’ll have. Most skin conditions start from the inside. Your skin will reflect a combination of environmental factors, social and family pressures and stresses, unhealthy or healthy eating, hormonal changes and most of all… how you are feeling inside. Not enough technicians educate their client about their skin conditions’; they only offer you the treatments available."

"Empowering people to feel confident enough to keep their head up high is part of this process and I believe that includes caring about you… feeling compassion towards your condition and digging a little deeper to find out why your skin is suffering."

"I believe that it is the positive energy and intention of the technician and the client combined with the treatments that truly give wonderful results."

"Ever since I was a little girl, I was told that I had healing hands. Touch is very important and I feel that healing your face requires that not only you care about your skin, but that I sincerely care about your skin."

"Just as your personality is different from the next person, so is your skin."

"It’s not that I need you as a client, it’s that I want you as a client."

"Working with people is always a joy for me; inspiring people is my gift; skin care is my tool."